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  • Our goal is to offer a unique Minecraft experience. Through Custom plugins, and unique access to the Administrators.

About Us

  • I have been a minecraft Server Administrator for about 5 Years now.
  • This has all been for a small 5 user Private server for local friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Connecting to public Servers is easy!
  1. Open the Minecraft Launcher Download from Minecraft.net site
  2. Be sure you have the proper Game version for the server you want to connect to using the "Profile" option on the bottom left before clicking Play
  3. Click on Multiplayer
  4. To add the server, click Add Server. Using the Creative Server as an example, you would enter "Vortechs Creative" as the Server Name and "creative.vortechsgaming.com" as the Server Address
  5. Click Done
  6. Double-click the newly added server to connect.
  7. ENJOY!
If a server is offline, please contact our Support Staff. You can simply email minecraft@vortechshosting.com

Connect Today: 1.9.vortechsgaming.com

  • A Mostly Vanilla survival world. Enjoy the open world with friends.
Nerfing most overworld Mob Griefing so you don't have to rebuild when a creeper decides to explode in your face.
Protect your structures and possessions from Griefers
    Basic Usage:
  1. Surround your house, farm or region with fences.
  2. Put a sign next or attached to the block you used to surround your region, and write [rp] on first line.
  3. Leave the second line blank or give a name for your region.
  4. Use the 3 and 4 lines to add friends as owners on your region, or leave blank if you want to add after.
  5. Create more regions inside another region to create a village, or a city, then give owner for other player in this regions.
  • (optional) If you add other players to your regions they will have access to your chests. To prevent this, you can attach a sign and put [private]
  • The command '/rp flag' will bring up a GUI system that allows you to configure options for your regions.
  • Craft a Backpack, and a Backpack key. Put your backpack on in place of your Chestplate and use the key to open it.
BackPack Key
Small Backpack
Large Backpack
Crafting Backpack
Ender Backpack
Linked Backpack

Connect today: creative.vortechsgaming.com

  • Claim a massive 128x128 block expanse, and make your creations come alive.
  • Add additional builders to your plots
  • Occasional building contests


Email your comments to mr.seiko@gmail.com and you can see your comments here!

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